Enabling Cross-Border Communication

February 24, 2015 Tata Communications

Power web and mobile apps with ‘local’ 2-way Voice and SMS

Enabling cross-border, cross-technology global communication at local rates

 Tata Communications recently launched its mobile local number service (mobile LNS) to help its customers with the growing challenge of cross-border communication between web apps and traditional mobile users.

The cross-border user engagement provided by increasing mobile app usage and social network communities with communication as a key feature can belimited due to inter-operability issues between mobile apps and traditional mobile communication services in some key markets. Inter-operability issues occur particularly when the user community is geographically diverse. While users continue to communicate via over-the-top (OTT)apps when they have fixed wireless or mobile broadband connectivity, the same communication delivery becomes challenging and costly to continue across traditional voice and SMS channels. This is partly due to inter-operability issues and also partly due to differences in international and domestic charging models for traditional services.

Tata Communications mobile LNS service along with its Mobile Messaging Exchange provides a turnkey solution to enable the exchange of voice and SMS traffic between OTT and traditional mobile communications channels at local rates.

How it works

The solution assigns a local voice and text enabled number to an end user which then serves as his or her local identity within a country. All other users within the home country can then reach this end user (who is outside their ‘local’ country). This significantly reduces the costs for in-country users to communicate with their friends and colleagues who are abroad. This eliminates barriers to service usage, while enhancing the customer experience.

With its market-leading coverage of voice and textable Mobile LNS numbers, sourced directly from mobile network operators (MNOs), Tata Communications is supporting an innovative new business model that enables inter-working between OTT and MNO ecosystems and offers new ways for OTT apps to interact with traditional mobile users. While reducing end-user costs, this also enhances OTT engagement and creates a new monetization opportunity for MNOs.

This is truly a win-win for the entire mobile ecosystem – End Users, OTTs and MNOs.


Scenario: an OTT user (Mary) can associate a Mobile LNS number to her OTT app. Then her friend/colleague in the Telco world (Carl) can text or call that number and reach Mary who is On-net, anywhere in the world; Mary can then text back and reach Carlwho is Off-net (through the Mobile Messaging Exchange service).

To learn more about this service contact: marcom@tatacommunications.com



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